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“When I met Melissa over three years ago I had just become a Christian. I was lacking guidance and discipleship. She came along side me and mentored me. Throughout the years I have know her, I have grown tremendously from her guidance and tough love. She has been a faithful mentor to me and always allows me to talk freely about what is really going on in my life. Her tough love and honest words were what I needed to hear in the times of confusion and desperation. She has always pointed me back to Jesus and truth. The real and blunt conversations that I have had with her have shaped the person I am today and my relationship with the Lord. I am thankful to have someone like her in my life!”

— HANNAH, 22


“Melissa listens. That above all sets her apart to understand what I’m really trying to say and the goals I want to reach. She asks insightful questions to help me see the path I want to take for true growth rather than a quick fix. Whether it’s making life-changing decisions or choosing what to conquer on my bucket list, I know Melissa will offer guidance out of compassion to challenge me and hold me accountable.”



“Melissa is an experienced and well equipped Life Coach. She came to the table ready to give me tools to approach life’s challenging situations. She spent several weeks helping me to shape a more realistic and positive outlook on my life after I found myself hitting a low point. Her encouragement and support helped to pull me out of the “funk” I was in and single handedly kick-started a renewed vision for my life. I highly recommend Melissa Lapin for anyone who is feeling 'lost in the sauce.'”



“Melissa is an amazing friend. She’s incredibly insightful and is very supportive. I’m blessed to have met her and to have her in my life. She encourages and challenges me to achieve my dreams.”

— BRANDY, 38


Melissa has been used mightily to speak truth in my life, whether it be by asking a rhetorical question, or by just stating the plain truth. She is not afraid of my "junk". She is able to get to the heart of the problems quickly and compassionately. Melissa has helped me to find the "authentic me" as I understand my identity in Christ. Coaching has helped me to value myself which has changed every aspect of my being. The chains of bondage are breaking one-by-one. I have found freedom like I never have before from working with Melissa. She is lead by the Holy Spirit to speak into my life, and her walk with the Lord is a beautiful example of having a relationship with our Daddy God!