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Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance.
It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.
- Timothy Gallwey



My heart as a transformation coach is summed up in that one statement. As a transformation coach, I want nothing more than to see a person live their truest self, not because they learned a survival skill set or had willpower at the moment but because they had a life changing revelation in the very core of who they are, a transformation.

A true coach will help you learn about you. Everyone is created differently and has a different set of values. There are a basic set of rules we can customize to all of us and then there are rules that only apply to an individual. You are not like me, and I am not like you. Therefore we have different core values.

Once you have been coached through how to recognize your core values as an individual (transformation), you begin to recognize what value isn’t being met and adjust accordingly and thereby learn to create the life you want. You won’t continue living by someone else’s rules or value system because you will know what you want and how to attain it, or you’ll know where to find me, and we can process the situation.

Seeing someone recognize who they are is the most beautiful thing to experience. When a person has self- recognition, and their eyes are opened to how amazing they truly are without the filters of someone else’s values, how wonderful!  

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