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Friendship and Birthdays

Happy birthday Melissa.

You are kind and caring.  You encourage everyone you meet.  You’ve never met a stranger you weren’t willing to make a friend.  You are relentless in your pursuit of God.  Your unwavering belief that you are fiercely loved by God and His favorite is contagious.

You are creative and will find a way to accomplish anything you want to be done.  No isn’t a word in your vocabulary.....although you do have a few colorful ones you use to fill the void.  You are transparent and authentic in every way and you uniquely live out who you are in front of God and others. You’re always up for an adventure - whether that’s a road trip to Tennessee for dinner because the road was calling or an impromptu mission trip across the country because you heard a group of people needed help recovering from a disaster.  am blessed to call you my friend and thankful for all the crazy adventures and misadventures we’ve had together over the years.  Here’s to many more!


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