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One of the definitions of "soul" is the emotional part of human nature; the seat of the feelings or sentiment.

The word "seat" caught my attention. The way it is stated implies to me that "feelings or sentiment" has come in and parked itself inside of me. Like someone who took MY seat in My row in My church. how rude. Like feelings and sentiment had some kind of authority to do whatever they wanted. It also made me think of a throne. But unlike a plain seat, a throne does have an entitlement that is attached. Something is either on a throne because it usurped something else's position and therefore has a legal right to have that throne or it is rightfully seated because if inheritance and is there by grace. 

I have to stop here and ponder what sits where in my "emotions and sentiments"? 

Are my reactions driven by a feeling or emotion that is in the wrong seat?


I also think of the movie "Inside Out". It's the most wonderful movie and deals with emotion from a very real and tangible perspective.  The ultimate truth that I take away from the movie is that you MUST DEAL with every emotion. One emotion doesn't get a throne while the others fight for seats. There must be a balance and all emotions get a seat. Everyone gets a turn. Making sure that we deal with ALL of our emotions in a healthy way is paramount to walking in joy and happiness.

Take a look at the throne of your heart. 

Who sits there?

Does it need to take a break and let someone else have a turn? Or does it need to be dethroned and altogether thrown out of the kingdom?


When wisdom wins your heart and revelation breaks in, true pleasure enters your soul. If you choose to follow good counsel, divine design will watch over you and understanding will protect you from making poor choices.  ( Proverbs 2:10-11 The Passion Translation)

Living out of wisdom and not emotions will bring pleasure and contentment.  Not being lead by our emotions leaves room for better choices and happier lives.

I encourage you to take a look at who sits on the throne of your heart. Who has control...?