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Flying Pigs

I walked into a store almost 15 years ago and stumbled upon the most magnificent piece of garden art I’d ever seen.  It was cobalt blue and made of clay.  I’d never seen anything like it in my life.  It was... a flying pig.  It was love at first sight, and I’ve been smitten ever since.

As a whole, I’m not a fan of knick-knacks or collectibles, but when it comes to flying pigs, I’m a big softie.  Everyone who knows me knows my obsession with them.  I have the most eclectic collection of flying pigs you’ll probably ever see.  They range from wall art and cookie jars to cast iron pigs, piggy banks, and bottle openers. 

When pigs fly! 

Typically it’s used in the negative towards something deemed impossible as in “I’ll do that when pigs fly.”  But to me, it’s always been a sign of encouragement and hope.  To dream the impossible dream.  I love the symbolism. 

Due to a white water rafting mishap, I had back surgery just after my 30th birthday. Up until that time I had always been highly active and athletic. In my mind I was looking at having to have a major surgery that I knew would fix the disc I’d blown, but was also convinced would leave me permanently limited by what I could do athletically.  It was a scary season for sure.  Thankfully my surgeon did an amazing job, and I followed his post-op instructions to the letter.

Eventually, I was cleared to do anything and everything I wanted.  What I decided I wanted to do was something epic.  I had just made it through a terrifying season, and I wanted a reminder that the season was over, I was healed and that nothing was impossible going forward. 

I opted for the Grand Canyon backpacking trip I mentioned in my last blog, and I spent 6 months training for the trip.  I trained by carrying my cast iron flying pigs in my hiking pack.  I started with 1 pig, and every few weeks I’d add another and another.  Until finally I was lugging around all 50 pounds of my cast iron flying pigs on my back. 

Those pigs encouraged me every step of the way.  They reminded me that nothing was impossible.  That I was stronger than I realize.  That having dreams and pursuing them was its own type of adventure.

Even now when I see a flying pig, I start dreaming.  What seemingly impossible circumstance in my life can I chase now?

What about you?  What are impossible dreams that you can chase?