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The Essence of Me

It's been a minute since I've been on here and I'm not gonna lie to you and give a lame excuse. I have not been blogging because I have been struggling to determine if I actually am a blogger. I've been trying to figure out all the technical stuff in my head. All the "why" questions of the process, the content, the reason. Even as I sit here bravely pecking away at the keyboard, I doubt, I hesitate, I type, delete, repeat. 

Stuck 20 minutes...

Staring at the screen...

Why do we do this to ourselves? When did we lose the ability to just be? Regardless of what anyone else ever thought. In the garden, I think. Eve didn't think she was lacking and not good enough anymore. Yes, let's blame Eve. Let's keep the theme of blaming someone or something else because we don't think we measure up to all the "should" that we put out there for ourselves.

I should be, do, go, say, have, take, on and on and on....

Says who?

I for one am tired of the "should"... I just want to...

Be me.

Be heard.

Be seen.

Be valued.

By me.

God teach me the essence of Me. Teach me what I do look like and not what I think I "should" look like. Give me the courage to value what You show me. To believe it. 

I think the next few months will look a little crazy but stick with me as I stick with me too!