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The Weather Always Changes

We went camping last week. It rained. The weather report said that there was a good chance of that 100% chance. We didn't care. We wanted to go camping more than we cared about the rain. We survived because we planned ahead. We knew the rain was coming. We also knew that where we were going didn't have cell phone service so we were going to have to go old school and just be prepared because we couldn't check our phones every hour for a weather update.  We made sure we had old school entertainment like cards, board games, and craft projects. We had a couple of movies for the laptop simply because we had our 3-year-old granddaughter with us. The rains came hard and for about 36 hours. We survived. We actually had fun making crafts and singing along with Mary Poppins and inevitably Moana. (You're Welcome!)

We survived because we had a plan. We had options. We prepared ahead of time and were able to roll with whatever mother nature had in store. 

This camping trip was only the second one that we've taken in our "new to us" pop-up that we purchased in the fall. I spent the 5 days organizing and reorganizing the place. Taking mental notes of what we didn't use and probably wouldn't use on a camping trip.  It's newer and smaller than our last one because we sacrificed storage in order to have a toilet...BRILLIANT IDEA... Not having to walk in the dark to the bathhouse at 3 am is heaven on earth. But in the whole process, I kept thinking about how this is just like life. We have a life/camper and we only have so much storage/space for things and we must consciously and continually arrange and rearrange the contents to match our current need. What works today probably won't work five years from now or even tomorrow. Life is organic. It grows and changes and needs different elements to thrive. Our camper needed things taken out or put in different places. I only needed one of something instead of two and the one thing needed to live here and not there. 

I can take my life/camper wherever I want and into whatever weather but if the contents are not what they need to be I'm going to have a hard time surviving let alone thriving. I'm in a season of walking through the fogginess of half dreams and filtering out unnecessary things. Placing and replacing people, places, and ideas. Reworking my "supplies" to fit my journey/life/camper with the right stuff for this part of trip knowing that in due time I will have to "re-outfit" myself again. The weather always changes.