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Exchange it!

Today's lie: I can't...I'll never be able to...I should...I shouldn't

Today's truth: I am actively choosing a different way of thinking by repenting TO the truth.

Repent means to turn back to the highest place of thinking. To repent of negative thinking means for us to stop thinking negative and start thinking positive; to turn to the highest point in our thoughts. But, what if our thoughts aren't very high. What if we have spent all of our energy trying to erase the negative and have forgotten (or not known) to replace them with positive thoughts. What if we never thought of it that way? Mostly we are told to just think happy thoughts, but for some, that is such a foreign concept. Where do you begin if all that you've ever cultivated is negative thinking?

For me, this has been a tough journey. I didn't grow up in a positive environment. In fact, it was just the opposite. It was a very critical, cynical and verbally unsafe home. I spent the first 40 years of my life struggling to find "happy thoughts" to replace the not so happy ones. It's not an easy task. When I was introduced to the concept of  "exchanging" thoughts and lies for promises and truths I gained a freedom that has never dwindled. I found permanent joy! I'm not just talking feeling "happy" I'm talking that when "it" hits the fan someone says to me "how can you still be so happy when this is happening?"

"Happy" comes from our external and "Joy" comes from Heaven. I know that sounds hokey or even impossible, but it does. You cannot manufacture Joy it is a gift. We have to receive it and open the gift and choose to use it. Every day brings new opportunities for the negative to take over, especially with all of the negative media and hurting people who are saying mean things to others. It's tough. But it's so worth it. 

What are some of the negative thoughts that you struggle with? Write them out and give them to Heaven. (you can do it).

What are the polar opposite thoughts that bring truth, promise, and Joy to you? Write them out and repeat them as often as you need to!