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Choose to Grow.

The other day I was reading an article about an organization that is in the process of having a facility built on some property. In the article, I was reading about some of the steps that have to be taken in order to get permits, steps that I've never considered consciously. Sure I've seen surveyors on the sides of roadways looking through their tripod thing at a guy further down the way. I've seen buildings by the thousands being constructed and roads being built. But, I'm not sure that I have ever stopped and really considered the depth of the process until I was reading this particular article. It was talking about traffic flow in that part of town and water runoff; about power grid usage and emergency services. Things that I, as an observer, would only think about once there's a traffic jam or a flooded street that I couldn't pass through and then someone's an "idiot."

Success is in the little details planned out ahead of time, I guess.

The pre-stages of any success story are far more complicated than we realize. We take for such granted the things that we participate in. Our highways. Our food access. A show we see on TV or theater. A shopping center; even our government. If you are not in the planning and then birthing stages of something then you are just a spectator and consumer. You have no choice but to react to a plan that someone else has set in motion. After the fact to which you have no input or choice. You must now adapt. Survive.

Sadly most people are spectators of life itself. It just happens. No planning or forethought. Just motion to keep up. I believe this happens mostly because it's hard. Being intentional about every choice is consuming. Consuming of thoughts, time, energy and effort. Being intentional is also being sacrificial. We sacrifice time, energy, thoughts, relationships and even sometimes self. 


But once we have done the "hard stuff" by being intentional and purposeful the planting comes easy and the fruit is big and plentiful.

Sometimes all it takes is moving a burden out of the way. Like picking up a stone in your garden and seeing little shoots of a plant that is growing in spite of the weight and darkness that is on it. The little thing is growing because that's what it was made to do. It didn't choose to be under the rock. It just is. But it knows that it has a design and it's gonna do it's part to be successful.

Choose the hard stuff. It won't kill you. It might hurt a little bit but, you surely won't die.

Negativity is the killer of all things life. Negativity will stop any building project that you might be dreaming of. But being positive is hard to do when all you have are negative thoughts running around in your head. The truths get choked out and can't grow as they should. Negativity is a burden and burdens can be removed. A burden is simply defined as "that which is carried." If you are burdened with negative you have no room for truth/positivity.

Solution? Be intention about releasing the burden of negativity. Choose not to carry it.

The next 40 days are what is called "LENT"; it's a period of "fasting" for most of the Christian religious community. I personally don't fast but however, this year I am choosing to partake in a "negativity fast."

For the next 40 days (March 1 - April 9), ending with Easter I will be participating with in their "negativity fast/positivity feast."

You can register on their website, "like" my insideoutsidega Facebook page and follow along with me as I lay down the burden of negative thinking and learn to replace it with truth.

Getting rid of the negative is equated to planning and surveying the land (my life) in order to receive the permits (permission) to build whatever I want!