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Two hearts converge in a yellow wood...

I love being on a trail, lost in my thoughts or in a conversation with God about all sorts of things. Sometimes I enjoy being alone. Sometimes I enjoy being with a like-minded soul, a kindred spirit if you will. Someone that I don't have to explain things to because it's not necessary to enjoy the conversation or company, or even walking in silence and just being together.

It's not easy and it's not often that we find people in life that are worthy of journeying so closely alongside us, having access to the narrower paths of life that we sometimes find ourselves on. 

Healthy friendships are crucial on the journey of life. Not just anyone will do. Too often I have chosen to settle for a persons' company just so that I wouldn't be alone. I no longer talk to those people, in fact, those relationships ended badly with unkind words and hurt feelings on both ends. It shouldn't have been.

I have found that one person cannot give me everything that I need in a relationship. One person alone cannot give me counsel, emotional support, encouragement, time, commitment. One person will not have all the same likes and dislikes, desires and dreams,  or ambitions that I do.  I need a pool of friends to choose from. Different days call for different input and partnership. Being open to who is in front of me has given me a couple of really great friends and a few more people who are on their way to being in that circle. 

Don't be too picky and don't be too open either. You do have choices. 

Assess where you are and who you want to be there with you.

My shoutout this week goes to my "bestie" Brandy Garland. We've walked miles together over the past couple of years, both in deep life-altering conversation as well as belly laughing as we go. I won't use the term "soulmate" because that's just weird, but I will use the words "journey mate".  We are sharing a journey that, as of yet, doesn't have an end to the trail. It's been curvey and up and down, wide and narrow, but because we choose, both sets of feet are still on that trail. 

Here's to choosing a good friend.