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Just stop!!!


If I am truly honest with myself and you, I would freely admit that I am quite overwhelmed at the moment. It's way too easy for us to look at something - anything - and say "that's so easy". I've done it. You've  done it. We don't really understand the weave until we get right up on the fabric. I've thought for two years now how easy it would be to start a business. You just decide to do something and then you do it. Oh, how wrong I was!! There are a thousand threads and every time I talk to someone it's like they hand me a needle with another thread attached!!! (You know who you are!!)

Every once in a while I have to stop and shut my eyes on the madness. When the research all looks the same and I run out of new thoughts and begin to just sit and stare at the blank page (yes, I use paper not a computer) I must stop the madness. I must stop thinking and I must start listening. I must stop the noise.

Be still.

I must once again ask myself "what's really important here?"   

How loud is your mind? Have you run out of answers or questions? Stop the madness. Be still and ask "what's really important here?"