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Here's Your Sign

This is a picture of Consuela. She gave me permission to use her picture and talk about her in my blog. She's a mother of two and a grandmother of four. She's from Mexico and has been in America for three years and still doesn't speak English very well. But it doesn't matter because,as she said a hundred times while we were together "mi corazón ama a Dios" while patting her chest and pointing to the sky. "mi corazón ama a Dios" "mi corazón ama a Dios" "my heart loves God". 

She has such passion. It doesn't look like my passion because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't  carry a sign in a public place drawing attention to myself. Especially a religious sign. (Don't judge. I don't see you holding one either) 

I had originally started the opposite way on the trail. On purpose. I knew what God wanted me to do but I "didn't feel like it". For about 50 yards...and then I turned around. I knew He wanted me to encourage her in what she was doing. When I approached Consuela she got super excited to talk to me and she started speaking Spanish at an alarming speed. I don't speak Spanish but I could tell her passion was for people to know just what her sign reads "what is impossible with God?" Nothing!! I spent an hour and a half with Consuela. I don't know most of what she said but I was encouraged by her passion. We walked together for 3 miles waving and greeting people as they jogged, walked or rode their bikes passed us. Most aknowleging with a "yes" or "amen". We even got a "hallelujah" from one lady. We never said anything to anyone other than "good morning,how are you today?". There was no preaching or shouting at people. It was a simple poster board sign written in marker that was worn on the edges from many a mile of handling. But people saw. They read it with their own eyes. Most smiled in agreement and some tried to ignore it. But the truth was there and they read it. They read that nothing is impossible with God.

Consuela said at one point.  "even me no English and you no Spanish same spirit" and she hooked her pointer fingers together to show connection. 

Such sweet truth. The Spirit makes us one.  

Meet need to encourage each other's passion. All I had to do was walk with Consuela for her to be encouraged.