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My penence

Confession: I am constantly held hostage to perfectionism.


Over all I would not confess that I am a perfectionist by nature. While it does not drive me it certainly does hinder, if not paralyze me some times.

Take this blog for instance. I've had it for a year. 365 days. And not one word have I written. Why? Perfectionism. I have started many entries and many topics. Everyone was scrapped do to some flaw or another. Too long. Too short. Boring. Cliche. Random.

So as penence for the sin of not writing as a writer...I write. And then I post. I will not do a grammar or spell check. It is what it is. It's not perfect but it is an ice breaker. It's something...a seed for the future.

To be a writer you must write. Duh. 

I have written.

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