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My speaking style is often described as non-traditional, motivating and timely. I use humor and the raw transparency of my story to debunk real life, everyday issues that we all face. My number one goal when speaking is to get the listener to realize the value in and of their story. I have several different layouts in which I present according to your group's style need (Ie; women, youth, church, work, social group).


Dream Board Workshops

Going through life without a vision is pointless. Going through life without a dream leaves you hopeless. Both are dangerous.

All creatures are visual that is why we have Peacocks and skyscrapers, muscle cars and pocketbooks. We love eye candy. Pictures motivate us. Science proves it. Want a good body put pictures of fit people in front of your eyes. Want to gain money watch the graphs of your stocks and plan accordingly.

These are the reasons that a “dream/vision” board is so fruitful. We can see all the pretty pictures or meaningful words all in one place. No matter our dreams or goals having something to keep our eyes on has the potential to keep us on track and motivated. We can “keep our eye on the prize” so to speak.

Teaching a dream/vision board workshop is one of my most favorite things to do. I love watching people going through magazines and stopping on a picture and admitting “I want that!” Or deciding that they want a specific something and scouring the internet until they find just the right “thing” that personifies what their heart is truly desiring. Cutting out, pasting down, decorating and drawing our dreams gives up hope that anything is possible.



How to celebrate yourself: Because you should, and it’s not wrong.

Better Together: where two or more are gathered/importance of community

The power of knowing yourself: Identity

I wanna do that!: empowering yourself to dream big

No! I’m not OK with that!: seeing the value in yourself and the necessity of boundaries


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